I have a movie i made which is over two hours - initially i put it onto two dvds and it works perfect. I have been playing around with dvd shrink and thought i may as well try to fit the whole thing onto one disc with it. So I changed the menus and added the clips on the 2nd disc to the project i saved in encore. I then built a dvd folder using encore with the whole movie in the one project. I used the 8.54gb dual layer setting to preserve the quality initially and then used dvd shrink to fit it onto one disc. It worked but after half way or so ( I think probably where the automatic layer break was made ) the audio go out of sync from the video. I checked the encore file to make sure it wasnt the dvd shrink that caused it, but it is messed in the encore file so i know it was that one. So then i tried to build a dvd folder using a standard 4.7gb dvd size and it said build complete but also gave a message saying project exceeds disc size - i thought i might be able to just shrink it with the dvd shrink , but there is actually no files in the folder where it should be. It said complete but it actually isnt there or anywhere.
So anyway does anyone have advice as to how i could get the audio to stay in sync with the video after the layer break - or a way to build it without the break. Its a shame to have to use twice as many disc when the video quality looks really good with the whole movie on one disc. Damn that audio.
Thanks in advance for any advice