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    Hi all, I have a video that I shot in 16.9 and then edited as a widescreen project in premiere pro, I then exported it as a windows media file for my website but its playing in 4.3, I think I might just be making a really obvious mistake, but does anyone know why this might be or what the best way to correct it might be?
    (or am I just being really dumb? I am new to this!)


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    This happens sometimes I'm afraid.

    The trick to it is to remember that a 16:9 project does NOT have any more pixels than a standard 4:3 project.

    Sidenote: curious that. We could argue these days that 16:9 shoudl be regarded as the standard couldn't we?

    Anyway, the resolutions are the same. What changhes is the actual shape of thepixels themselves. In a 4:3 project they are square and in a 16:9 project they are actually little rectangles.

    All that's missing in your playback is that the s/w you are playing your clip in does not know to display non-square pixels. That is all. Maybe you have a setting that can 'stretch' the picture out whcih is all that is necessary - sort of.


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