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Thread: use digital camera instead of analog input?

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    Default use digital camera instead of analog input?

    Hi - instead of buying a computer w/analog converter input, can I buy a digital camcorder, record from vhs tapes to dv camcorder and then put into video editing computer?

    I may have asked this before - does it lose something in the translation and is it really noticeable or negligible?


    prob better to get analog conversion?

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    The simple answer is yes - and quality will be the same as source. It's a popular method of analogue to digital conversion - just check your DV camcorder has analogue inputs .
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    Depending on the camera you can use it as a gateway to connect the VCR to the PC. This avoids the need to record onto DV tape. If the camera has both analogue in/out and DV in/out the gateway can work in both directions.

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