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Thread: ADS Instant dvd, usb !

  1. Default ADS Instant dvd, usb !

    Hi all,

    I am having trouble using this piece of hardware

    It installs fine but always comes up with the error message "debug assertion failed, cfiltergraph error" during use.

    The manufacturers website gives the usual response of installing latest drivers and making sure all other video streams are turned off, which I have done with no result.

    It comes with software called 'capwiz' and although it recognises the hardware it will not import video. Windows movie maker does not recognise the hardware.

    Im using a p4 laptop with an ati radeon 7500 64 mb card, 60 gb drive, win xp pro.

    Have also tried on my old desktop machine running win98 se and the problem is the same.

    Any ideas, I have 4 vhs tapes to convert very soon :(


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    Have you tried using alternative capture software? VirtualDub is available as a free download at with a guide to capture in the guides section

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    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I tried virtual dub but it did not recognise the device, its now back in the cupboard feeling sorry for itself.

    I am having success with windows movie maker and an external firewire device intended for a mac. WMM recognises it as a 'phillips dv device' and will import video in raw dv format - 5mb/sec.

    However, I have found something very strange and it will only work with certain vhs tapes !!!. Tested it with an old film recorded from tv and its great, then put in my old camcorder vhs tapes and theres no video signal ?

    Surely a vcr will play all vhs tapes the same ?

    They all look the same on a tv screen.

    Any ideas ?


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    I guess there could be an issue of the software not accepting an NTSC (or conversely PAL) signal - but I guess all your tapes would either be PAL or NTSC! Worst comes to the worse, you could alway record the camcorder tapes to a tape that you know works, then capture from that tape. But that solution is both obvious and unappealing!!!

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    Im going to dub the tapes with 2 vcr's onto svhs tape (master tape). Im assuming all my tapes are pal. The camcorder was one of those old fashioned huge machines rented from 'radio rentals' about 13 years ago, all you did was pop in a full size vhs tape, do a weight training course and off you went

    I doubt that my home vcr would have played ntsc 13 years ago ?, must admit that my current vcr will play both and just auto switches.
    Clearly there must be some sort of different signal on these tapes and although they play back on a tv screen, the dv converter does not like them.

    I will report back when a tape to tape copy has been made and utilised.

    Great website Marc,



  6. Default virtual dub

    Oh and by the way,

    Virtual dub looks like an excellent piece of software, shame it won't recognise my dv converter :cry:


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    Just remembered a freeware DV capture programme - but can'tr remember what it's called! Did a google search and came up with You might want to give that a go. Hopefully it'll recognise your DV device.

    You might also want to check out:
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    iuvcr is wonderful for capturing, and will capture from firewire as well.

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