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Thread: Best Player?

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    Default Best Player?

    Ive been having alot of trouble with playing back my movies, and movie/video files in general.. wide screen is played back all quashed up, different players automatically put the video to a different ratio etc..

    Just wondering what software everyone here uses to watch media? (on the computer)

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, if it is please can someone move it..


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    Ican't think of anywhere better for it, so don't worry. Ive still to use my mod powers here, you're a well-behaved bunch. Not like some other places i've modded. Ahem...

    Anyway, i like media player classic. A lot of people will swear by VLC as well, but vlc ain't been the most stable thing for me, and i recall its subtitles support to be ropey.

    You can't beat an xbox though, as roughround-the-edges as XBMC is. I love it. Best thing i've bought in a while. It'll probably remain to be as well, until i replace my dead MP3 player. :cry:

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    Yeah, im using Media Player Classic at the moment.. I like it, alot.. although its giving me a few problems (which is why im finding alternatives)..

    Ill give VLC a go, and take a look at the other links you posted, in the morning.. Its 20 to 1, and im very tired!


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