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Thread: File Sharing not illegal in Canada - official - so....

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    Default File Sharing not illegal in Canada - official - so....

    ... does anyone in Canada have a copy of Premiere Pro they want to er share with me? lol

    see for details.

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    Interesting. But, as ever, a complete grey area. In an ideal world software prices, combined with clearly defined and enforced copyright laws, would be set at such a level to deter piracy. Who would buy or download software which could be purchased for a reasonable price?

    Given the HUGE amount of pirated software and the high price of said software, surely more appropriate pricing combined with well publised fines would make the black market/peer-to-peer redundant. The reduced price would surely be recouped by the forgone income from pirated software.

    Alternatively, more companies should distribute Lite versions of the products. How many people actually use Premiere in all its glory?
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