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Thread: Trying not to panic...Please help!

  1. Default Trying not to panic...Please help!

    Hi guys

    Im almost at the end of a film Ive been working on in PP2, and now the unthinkable has happened..I cant open the project!

    Here is what happened:

    1. While I was editing in Premiere, my PC crashed which is unusual for my PC, so I had to reboot. (I'm auto saving about every 5 mins)

    2. After reboot I open up Premiere again and select the project I was working on. It starts to load the project, and then, just as it is finishing and I think my project is about to open, I hear an error sound from Windows (but no error message), and Premiere just totally disappears, as if Id never tried to start it up!

    NOTE: Its only this specific project that wont open. If I try opening a different project, then there is no problem. If I try to open my current project after opening an old one (so I have already got Premiere to open), again, Premiere just dies on me, without warning.

    All my video and pic files are intact, I just cant open the project.

    I have virus checked my hard drives and it makes no difference.

    I really need to get this sorted very soon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance

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    I only really know the older Premiere but think that you should have the archive backup projects that Premiere saves. There should be an area in the program files where Premiere stores the files. Someone with this version of Premiere should know more but for now look around in the Premiere folder for an archive folder or saved projects.

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    I agree. This is what those autosaves are for. Dig out the latest autosave that opens and restore that.

    if you are autosaving every five minutes then you're only lost five minutes work. Annoying but no great issue I hope.

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    Thanks but Im afraid thats not working!

    I have several autosaves there, but none will open. The strange thing is that when I go to the autosaves folder, instead of them being premiere icons, they are those blank icons. You know the ones where you click on it and windows asks you which program you want to open it? Then if I browse for PP2, it fails, saying something about Win32 not being a valid application!

    Hope Im making sense! Is a reinstall of PP2 perhaps the best bet? Im not sure about how to transfer my project onto the newly installed Premiere if I do that though....


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    Yes, I would uninstall and re-install Premiere. This should not erase the saved and backup projects BUT just to play it totally safe, copy the autosaved and any other projects in the Premere folder to a safe spot. On secomd thought, while a clean install is always best, it would not hurt to install over the present Premiere, that should leave all of your setting in place. If tht does not work then un-install. Make sure you know where all your settings are so the capture folders, preview foldeers and such are all in the same place; when you get back up and working.
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    Here is an update:

    I tried a repair install with no luck. Then I tried a complete reinstall. Still, Im getting exactly the same result...none of the autosaves for this particular project will open :(

    So Im going to need to start the project again (arrrrgh!). I just wanted to ask if you guys might be able to give any idea at all of what might have caused this problem? Obvioulsy, I want to avoid this happening again if I can, and if you have any clues as to what the issue might be (a hardware problem perhaps?) then it would be much appreciated.

    Im considering a complete reinstall of windows anyway, as my pc has been acting up a little lately.
    Thanks for your help fellas

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    I'm afraid I'm far too lazy to re-read the entire thread but have you tried creating a new project ands then attempoting to import the original (broken) project into it. You might win. Ort at leats not lose everything by having to start again from scratch.

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    It makes no sense that all of the auto-saved projects are suddenly corupt. It is more likely that some element IN the project is corrupt. Can you delete all of the preview files or whatever they are called and try that. Maybe just one of the clips used is corrupt. Just doesn't add up that all saved versions have this problem. Can you open other saved projects? If so then that backs up the idea that an element in that project is bad.

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    Murph, don't forget to look into causes other than Premiere itself. It's possible that the problem lies with another driver or part of your machine. For example, it might be worth reinstalling or updating your video drivers - a new project or existing different one may not be making the same calls, hence the error with this particular one.

    As Eddie has said, unless all of your auto-saved projects have become corrupted, which is virtually impossible, there is an existing problem with your PC.

    If you've uninstalled/reinstalled Premiere and are still unable to open any of the versions you have saved, I'd definitely be looking for something specific within that project that might be calling upon something unusual. For example, does the project contain MPEG or DivX files or other non-DV source? Are you using a particular effect or plug-in?



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