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Thread: JVC Hard Disk Drive CamCorder

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    Unhappy JVC Hard Disk Drive CamCorder

    I just purchased a JVC HardDisk Camcorder, and I was trying to capture the videos with the software that came with the camcorder (JVC Power Producer, and Power Director)... when I upload the files, they only save as .MOV files, and when I save them, and go to Re-Open them, they dont open. I want to save the camera files as .avi, or .wmv....

    Does anyone know how I can do this?


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    I'm not familiar with this camcorder, but since it's a solid state cam shouldn't the recorded files be organised somewhere on that hard drive, for you to copy, instead of capture?

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    The way my camera works, is just like a digital camera.
    I go into the software, and click "capture" and it looks like it's copying the files...and they play ok, its just a matter of saving them as .avi, or .wmv....

    I just don't understand why they're saving as .MOV files...

    Thanks for the reply..

    If anyone else knows, please feel free to reply

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    VLC media player will play almost anything, give it a go.

    To make the vids into .wmv they would need to be transcoded. Windows movie maker might do this for you IF it accepts the .mov files, which I doubt.

    I think most editors and dvd compilers will accept .movs.

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    So I download the VLC player, and then capture the video INTO that?
    is that how it works?

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    Keep in mind that VLC is just a player, it won't RECORD anything.

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    I bet you meant to say a MOD file. The camera basically records a mpeg2-ps which is a Mpeg2 program stream. The camera files may show up as MOV because your computer is set up to associate an MPEG2 file with Quicktime, still bet it's an MOD.

    The camera will not directly export an AVI, you will have to convert it. Sounds like you have all the tools to do this with the camera.

    Is your camera an Everio?
    Read this.

    The Everio is a recorder and not designed for editing. It lacks the FireWire output that MiniDv Camcorders have, and its MPEG-2 PS format is not very compatible with standard editing software like Premiere, Studio, Video Studio, iMovie, or Liquid Edition. Importing clips into these programs requires that you change the filename extension from .MOD to .MPEG and convert the AC3 sound to PCM. However the provided PowerDirector software does allow you to convert your film into AVI, DivX, or Windows Media format for editing with Premiere Pro, for example. So all is not lost!
    The Everio's strength is that it was designed for transferring videos to DVD. JVC is targeting people who want to share their video quickly and easily via DVD without prior editing. Consider this design focus before you make your purchase.

    For transferring video to a computer, the Everio uses a USB 2.0 link, now standard on all PCs. Once the drivers are installed, Windows recognizes the Everio as a removable hard disk in My Computer. Then you have to use the bundled Cyberlink applications, PowerDirector and PowerProducer, to transfer your videos and stills. Note that there is no Mac driver.
    PowerDirector lets you import all your video segments and arrange them on a timeline, where you can organize them and add a few titles and transitions. Then all you need to do is burn your DVD, creating an interactive menu if you like. The immense advantage of the Everio is that the video is already recorded in MPEG-2 format, letting you skip the compression stage, which normally takes a very long time.
    The PowerDirector software lets you edit your video in the Everio's MPEG-2 PS format. It makes editing and authoring a DVD extremely simple.
    PowerProducer is designed to capture your video sequences and burn them to DVD on the fly.
    Naturally, if you just want to view your video on the TV set, the Everio has an AV/S-Video multi-connector output and a Peritel (SCART) adaptor.
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    wow! you completely read my mind lol
    I was JUST coming to post that I had made a mistake, and wrote "MOV" instead of "MOD" (which yes... it really is)

    Ok. so PowerDIRECTOR can changet this format into an avi?
    You don't know how to do that by chance do you? I suppose I can look in the "help section" and hopefully it'll be there)

    Thank you so much for that whole write-up on the camera. Its all new to me...

    It said there, that I couldn't use PREMIERE....
    Could I use it, once I convert the file to .AVI?

    Ok, I'm going to go and try to convert it , in POWERDIRECTOR, but I'm sure I'll be back with more questions

    Thank you so much again!
    Wish me Luck!

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    Default Yah!!!!

    It worked
    Thank you SO MUCH!

    One more question though

    When I put the files into .avi or .mpg.. even when I say "compress" the files are HUGE! Any idea how I get the files to be smaller?

    I had a 1 minute video come out at 117,000 kb!!

    I don't know why they're so big!

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    Yes, an AVI video file is huge. An hour of it is about 13 gig. That is why video editing computers need so much hard drive space.

    NOTE: There are many types of AVI files but DV-AVI, or something similar and not too compressed, is what you want to keep the video in for editiing. It is a full resolution format and the only one that edits well. Once you are done editing then you can decide which format to put the finished product depending on it's use. If you authour it to a DVD then it will end up a MPEG2 but most DVD authoring programs will do the converting. If you want to watch it on a computer only, then you may opt for a divx type format which is even smaller than a mpeg2 but very good quality. Keep your original footage somehow so you can go back later and do different things with it.
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