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Thread: Problem rendering with V9.4.3

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    Default Problem rendering with V9.4.3

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this site.

    I upgraded to version 9 from version 8 ages ago however have only just got round to using it. When I opened it for the first time it prompted me to run the 9.4.3 patch which I did.

    I captured my video fine from my camcorder but noticed that in the editing window from a specific point, clips from the one tape I captured from, the sound in the clip plays for a split second then goes silent. I played the raw AVI in Windows media player 10 and it seems fine, it's just when I play it through Pinnacle. This is the secondary problem.

    My main issue is when I came to burn the disk, the rendering process seems to go through OK once then on the second time freezes on a certain clip and goes no further... I've tried to leave it over night to see if it'll continue but it stays at the same point. I have tried a couple of times but it gets stuck at the same place...

    Can any one shed any light on this please?

    I've hardly used this version and so far I'm not very impressed, version 8 was much better...

    Many thanks,

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    Exclamation Pinnacle woes

    I found that with pinnacle that it is a love hate relationship. I love how fast I can create a project. I just hate that it doesnt put out a finished project consistantly. I hate to admit it but you do get what you pay for and a good vcr used to cost us nearly 500.00 so why can i expect a hundred dollar program to do what my old video editing suite used to. I'm not being crazy agout your problem because I too have been using pinnacle since 8. I have now 10.5.2 and I am still ahving problems. I get it working and finish a project and soon after the program starts to fail or it needs a fresh install. Conflicts are a reality with this program. I wish I could be more helpful but I am about to give up on this software. You may want to read my journal with suggestions ans possible solutions on this site.

    Sugestions 1 remove the program and all it's components title decko updates and smartsounds and reboot defrag and try a fresh install. Barring that not working. use the registry delete tool on their site to remove all your registry issues and then do your fresh install.

    I have tried their suggestion of booting into safe mode and removing the software but it still found the original registry(the first key code and you name will show up when you are installing at the registration screen during your install).

    I hope you have better luck with these few suggestions...

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