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Thread: Multiple videos on screen at the sametime?

  1. Default Multiple videos on screen at the sametime?

    How would I go about achieving something like seperate videos playing on screen at the sametime, like in shapes or stripes or sort of a checkerboard like the brady bunch thing?

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    Use multiple tracks and resize them to the part of the screen you want, remember by default the top track is the 'front' one in the video and will cover those below.

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    I've just done a 5x3 picture wall for use as the intro to the guests wishes at the end of the night. You can use event pan/crop for simple stuff. Or, because I wanted to make each picture squarer I used event pan/crop to size each picture then track motion to position the clip. Each clip was on it's own track.

    Check out Excalibur - this has a script to do something similar.


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    Any other ways? I know there's a checkboard type effects but I've only ever used them for like color differences. I wasnt sure if you could use something like that to assign videos to squares into of manually sizing and moving the clips around the field.

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