Hello. I'm starting to edit a ten minute feature, shot in hdv and to be edited in a cineform intermediate codec, in premiere pro 2 through aspect hd. I have a workflow planned for color grading and making it progressive.

Workflow- capturing through aspect hd, make a rough cut of the shots and scenes in premiere pro. Marking all the cuts and scene transitions to be dealt with further in after effects, leaving extra 6 seconds for dissolves in scene transitions. In after effects I'm to color grade and color match the shots and scenes, as much as I can ( I'm not the director or in charge of the camera ), after deinterlacing with the Andrew Kramer method laid out in videocopilot. I'm then to export the scenes as image sequences to be converted through an action script in photoshop to give it more of a film like appearance. Then I'm to import them back into after effects, but this time interpret them as 24 frames per second through the import dialog box. This file will then be rendered out as 24p quicktime or dv to be opened in premiere pro, and from there to be exported back to tape. What I would like to know are the possible pitfalls of this workflow, and whether there might be an easier, quicker way of achieving the same results. Another question for me to be answered is whether it is advised to attempt at color grading in an elin color space.