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Thread: Analog to Digital converter conversation

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    Question Analog to Digital converter conversation

    Ok, like 80% of the posts I am building a new rig.

    Part of my business includes converting friends/family's VHS tapes to DVD. I currently use a PINNACLE STUDIO700PCI PCI Interface Video Device ( The only thing I do not like is I canNOT capture into Pemiere!!!

    Should I build a new rig. (AMD 4200) or should I just save some time and hassle buying something like this:

    It has hook ups for analog right there in the front. IF YOU HAVE EXPEREINCE with a machine like this, please post! Does it capture into Premiere? How is the quality? Dropped frames?

    Or should I just build my own system and buy something like a canopus ADVC-50 (

    Ahhh so many choices.


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    A couple of points. The ability to capture directly into a program is the function of the software and not really the hardware. In some cases the capture software has to be loaded last after the Premiere program has been loaded on your computer. If you loaded Premiere last try re-instlling the Pinnacle software package and it just might work. You see the capture software will install a plug-in into Premiere to let it capture directly and if you loaded Premiere last then it wasn't there for the lplug-on to load.

    Point 2. Is it really tht much work to capture a clip, then open Premiere and import it? Takes me about 10 seconds, is that too much?

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    Honestly no it is not that much work at all. But why have two software programs when only one should be necessary.

    Right now it is not an issue but when I buy a new system (or build) I need to get more licence... update software and such.

    Thank you for the suggestion I will try that when I get back to my office. Any input conserning the rest of my post?

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