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Thread: Im a noob on this, can someone help me?

  1. Default Im a noob on this, can someone help me?

    ok so i want to learn how to make a clip in slow-mo, im using Premiere 6.5, and can someone help me how to add titles to my movie, it never shows up...

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    Looks like you have your video layers around the wrong way.

    Remember, they are layered in numerical order with layer 2 being over layer 1.

    You have your main video on layer 2 and your titles (with transparency) in payer 1. Swap them over.

    Have main video in layer 1 and then your titles in layer 2. The alpha channel (transparent bits) of your titles will then allow layer 2 to show through.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    thnx a lot, i fixed the prob

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    you can change the speed by right clicking the video on the timeline, and choosing speed under video options.

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