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Thread: Storage help !!

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    Default Storage help !!

    Hi all,

    I have just started editing my new film and noticed that I've already used up a lot of my RAM. I have around 5GB left in my 'c' drive and 8GB in my 'F' disk..(this is what I'm reading off my computor as I'm no wiz).

    I have been editing from my A1E and its been through both DVCAM mode and HDV downverted. No HDV raw yet...

    Is there any way of storing video clips in another (maybe) external storage unit. I've been told they are slow but you can speed things up if you firewire it through. Will it be instantly accessable ???

    Can any of you pro's help in anyway..Lamens terms please !!!


    Dean B

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    Default Shortage of space

    I think you mean storage space – RAM is memory that handles data usage. Sounds like your ‘C’ and ‘F’ drives are actually partitions on the same disk, and a few gig isn’t much.

    Good idea to use an external HD to store video on, because this will ease the burden of space on your internal drives. But it’s not recommended to edit video that is stored on an external disk, because read/write speeds are slower.

    Ideally, installing more internal hard disks is your best solution. Can you do this? You need separate disks for video capture and storage anyway – using your ‘C’ drive (the boot drive) isn’t recommended because Windows constantly writes to and reads from it.

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    Further to above. An external drive is like extra shelf space – useful for putting stuff on, but not for editing directly from. Double click My Computer, right click each drive, and choose the ‘properties’ option, it will tell you the capacity of each drive. Note them down & post back. Also, your PC specs would be handy.

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    Tony is roight - For editing you need to make sure you have tones of space.

    For example, My own system : The c Drive is an 80gig raid diisk and my media disk is 240gig, my render disk is 120 gig. after each project i move all the media and project files onto ide disks that then sit in storage!

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    Cheers guys..

    Sorry its been so long I've been a busy bee..

    My (C) drive is 74.5 and my (f) drive is 37.2

    I'm hopefully upgrading my p.c soon as I've gone HDV and need more power and space.

    So I'll be racking your brains again soon..

    Cheers again

    Dean B

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