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Thread: NEW Video.......PSYCH!!

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    Talking NEW Video.......PSYCH!!

    I don't have a video hence the title but anyways, I am working this summer and by the end of the summer, I should have a spending spree of up to 1,000 dollars. I want to get better equipment. I have a shitty DV minicamcorder and I lost my tripod (left it in the taxicab coming back home from college and called them but never got it back). What should i get? According to my mom, the best thing i can do is save up my money to get a 2,000 DV camcorder, is that right? I am also very interested in these 'glidecams'. I am not a materialistic person but getting these equipments are almost next to impossible with the money situation.

    As I stated awhile ago, I am a newbie to the digital directorial world of movie making. I have shown you all my short shitty videos awhile ago and they all suck but i can IMPROVE despite the equipment i have. Do you guys have any idea's in making a film? Most people don't want to or have time to make a movie or a short one nowadays so that is why the movie making business is a lucrative and hard one too.
    any feedback would be great, thanks.

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    if you look around you can find a good used gl2, thats what I'm getting anyway. Check b&h photo.

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    A few months ago I would have said "save up and buy a decent camcorder". Now I'd say "go out and buy something you can afford".

    Six months ago I went out and, with no research, bought a Sony P106 Handycam, cost about five hundred euros. I was getting married and just wanted to throw it at one of the guests and say "here mate, take some footage". Quality etc was not an issue.

    Since then I've used it for all sorts of things, even gaffa-taped it to a light aircraft, and the footage is comparable to a camcorder costing six times as much. If most of your stuff is going to be shown on a domestic television or uploaded to Putfile then you won't notice the difference. I'm not saying that you'll get the same quality from a $500 camcorder than you will from a $2000, but that its better to have something to work with, than to wait, dream, and do nothing.

    I've even decide to enter a video competition, using this camcorder, to prove a point. Making movies, any sort of movies, is better than saying "I'll be making a movie when I get..."

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    Guru's right again - the main reason for having some flash camera is for the benefits it directly provides:

    It looks important, so you get to the front of the crowd easier.

    Three chip imagery is better than one-chip, so if you want big (very big) pictures projected, or maybe to go to 35mm film (at a cost, i'm told of about 250 a minute for the first generation), the technical advantage is worthwhile. Broadcasters also usually prefer 3-chip footage.

    FTV was recently filmed as an example by a crew from ARD TV from Germany; they shot Betacam PLUS a little Sony palmcorder . . . and said that when editing, they downgraded the Sony material to make it look like camcorder stuff.

    I really do think that people who want to make films, make films, whatever they make them with. I'd rather have a tripod with a very smooth p and t rather than a flash camera, and on the next FTV movie (story under construction now) will be paying much, much more attention to getting the sound right.

    I use a Canon XL1S when I want people to walk around me, and a Sony TR950 when I don't care. The resultant footage is much the same.
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    I agree to, I got my big cameras cos a lot of the stuff I do requires access and the big shoulder mount camera gives me that. I also like the steadiness of shoulder mount and all the controls are to hand on a big camera.

    However it lacks that shoot and go quality my small camera gives, the footage from a small camera is likely to be more 'real' sometimes as people are less likely to play to the camera.

    Just get what you can afford and dont believe the hype, small cheap cameras are amazing nowadays and the quality is only noticably better when you get to the pro sumer level.

    It really is more important to get on and shoot stuff. Go for it.

    Having said all that I still lay awake of night dreaming of that new jvc hdv cam or a s/h dsr300 / 400....


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