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    When I try to use keyframes in Adobe Primere Elements 2.0 to move a blur effect to cover something (brand name, liscence plate, face, etc.) the blur would stay in place but a few seconds after releasing the mouse, the blur will slide away from where it was originaly positioned. This has made the blur effects jerky and ineffective at covering the desired areas.
    Is there a way to get the blur to stay in place?
    Also, the blur I say isn't really a blur but just a circle to cover up the area although it serves the same purpose as a blur or pixelation.
    Any help is greatly appreciated as this is vital for the majority of videos I am making.

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    sounds like you haven't set the end key-frame to the right position, so the blur or whatever is going back to the position it was in originally because that's where the key-frames are telling it to go.

    Go to the end of the clip, and move the blur thing to where you want it to be,

    generally with key frames you should have as few as possible, only put a key frame on changes of movement, and remember to set the end frame to where you want it, this should help you to get a much smoother effect that covers the area effectively through-out
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    Hi, You can use any image editor that can output transparent image formats like tiff, gif or psd. Just create a shape on a transparent background, blur it and export. This can then be used in premiere resized and keyframed to suit.

    When keyframing it is easy to forget to set a second keyframe if you want it to stay fixed in any position for a time, before moving on to the next position. Also if you delete a keyframe the next keyframe automatically comes active which may give erratic results. If you right click on a keyframe a menu pops up offering interpolations like (Bezier, ease in, ease out) which help to make the movements smoother.
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    Thanks for the responses. I'll try them out when I have time and if I have trouble I'll put up another post.
    Thanks for the help.

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