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    Exclamation Common Problem: No Video

    Okay I have been reading through all of the posts trying to figure out how to get this video I have to work. It is an avi file compressed by Xvid. When I play it in vegas there is only sound and I noticed that the details express that Vegas cant tell whats up with the video. i compared it to other files and notced that for the most part all the videos compressed by Xvid are unplayable. So I downloaded the Xvid codec and installed it, along with the K-lite pack. I even went as far to search for the newest AVI codec and then I encountered a site that basically downloaded a trojan onto my computer Well enough is enough I registered and here I am. I need help with this problem. Some AVI files work. Others do not...any suggestions? If this question has been answered already point me in the direction....thanks


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    I would suggest you follow question 10 of the FAQ and convert to DV before editing.

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    As editors go vegas is pretty good at coping with anything on the time line, but xvids will not work.

    Compressed formats are always clunky to edit, as Marc suggests, check the faq.

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    Exclamation thanks, but!

    Okay I followed your instructions and at first glance the problem appeared to be solved. However, after leaving my computer and coming back to it...VirtualDubMod gave me an error message telling me it cannot exceed4 gigs on a FAT32 partition. I am not too knowledgable with what that is, ill begin research on it tomorrow morning when I have some free time. However, is there anything I can do to fix this error?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have the same problem, an easy solution to this is to:
    1)Import each video clip into windows movie maker
    2)Render them as (dv)(AVI's)-"high quality movie"
    3)Import them into vegas
    You should be fine at that point.
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