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Thread: Making a movie with clips from the 1950s

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    Default Making a movie with clips from the 1950s

    I am still pretty new to premiere 1.5 and digital editing in general, but
    basically what I am trying to do is create a movie using clips from the 1950s. I have purchased a few clips from Video Google, but my main source of clips comes from the pre-linger archives at There is a ton of footage to use, and all of it is free. These clips are black and white and in mpeg 1 and 2 format.

    I have been running in to various problems related to settings. When I edit the video jumps around and skips, this makes it hard to time cuts and sync audio and video. I know this is related to the video rendering compressor, and have tried all of the default ones to no avail. When I try to export my video it still skips.

    Any recommendations for settings or a codec? I need to burn the movie to DVD, and really need to get the best quality possible.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Mpeg1 and 2 are playback formats and not very easy for a program like premiere to edit, it is primarily a DV editor. Have you tried rendering the timeline? You could try converting them to DV.
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    Well I temporary fixed the problem, by just using mpeg 1. I can edit it now, and it doesnt seem to skip. Not exactly sure how the export will turn out.

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    I don't know where you are based, but are the mpeg 1 clips full screen size?

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