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    hello, its me again. here's my question, i have made a lil poster for for my movie that i made, and i have downloaded flash trial, i have 18 days left before it expires, theres no way i can afford flash. i was wondering how to make stuff clickable on the poster, for example i want to put a story button so when u click that the story comes up for you to read, video button so the preview movie comes up, images button so pics come up. anyone with any knowledge of flash please help.

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    anyone at all ?

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    the tutorials in Flash are very good, if you go through a few of them it'll show you how to do simple buttons and assign actions to them.

    The Macromedia/Adobe site has lots of "TechNotes" for flash which show you how to do basic things like this, try this:

    for creating simple buttons.

    or search the site for flash technote to find lots of others.
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    thanks alot, your a life saver

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    You going to be better assigning slices in photoshop to links then making your flash with the image in the backround which will still work and then put your video some were on the poster.

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    im lost again, i found out how to make the button from that tutorial, but that's it. don't know how to make the story come up when you actualy click it.
    i don't know how to do that slice thing. could you give me a lil tutorial.
    i would greatly appreciate it.

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    Hey. Send me all your docs zipped up to-
    and I will have a look

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    Download swishmax

    its like flash and u save as a swf.

    read guides here...

    its straight forward and I dont mean to sound lets say like an ass.
    But search through it and prepare to read a little.

    Its to hard to simply explain and i needed to do something similar and wanted a quick answer. One hour of reading and u can do exactly what you want.
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    thanks alot, i'll give it a read

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    Finally a flash question.....

    What you want to do is in flash make a box over your poster in a different layer. Highlight the box, and hit F8... make it a button. Inside here, make a keyframe on the hitstate, and go to the first keyframe, and delete the content (the box you originally made. This will make an invisible box that will be clickable. Then you have to know ActionScript. use scriptassist if its version 8, it will do it all for you..
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