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Thread: why is my 16:9 getting blown up to 4:3

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    Default why is my 16:9 getting blown up to 4:3

    Hi there, I hope someone can help me as i've got a project that needs finishing by tomorrow evening!

    I should a short film in 16:9 and am having problems on Adobe Premier Pro7. Most people I know work with Final cut so can't help. In my rushes monitor its display the correct 16:9 but in my edit window its choosing to crop and fit to the 4:3 ration and in doing so reducing my nice down converted HDV to DV resolution not to mention my compositions. Can someone direct me to the controls to insure what I have captured is put into my edit. There doesn't seem to be an obviously setting. I'm sure its something under the sequence settings but there doesn't appear to be a option to change the setting.

    Please help


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    Right click on the asset in premiere and select the 'interpret as...' option. make sure you haven't unwittingly set it to 4:3 or something else like that.

    Also, try a test export of a couple of seconds. if that's ok then just live with it till you find the answer. I;ve not noticed it mysefl but mayeb the source window does not understand non-square pixels. I'm sure it does though so there must be a setting I haven't thought of. I don't have the thing in front of me here at work. I'll try to remember to look it up tonight unless a good answer comes through.


    if the preview window is ok then check the icons at the bottom of the source window and see if one of them does somne sort of 'compensate for pixel ratio' or sometyhign similar. It might be clicked if there is one.

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    As Alan says check Interpret footage setting, but also check the project settings are set to 16:9 and that the pixel ratio is correct.

    Maybe open a new project with 16:9 aspect ratio and the correct pixel ratio and import 1 of your captured clips and see what happens. If everything is correct then use these project settings instead.
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