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Thread: Slow motion that looks good

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    Default Slow motion that looks good

    In some music videos you can see how they slow down the splashes of water, and it still looks good. But I shoot on minidv and not film. so I have a problem with slowing video down because it looks jerky.

    Some people on this forum has mentioned that there are tricks you can use during editing of the video in order to make slow motion look good and not jerky.

    Say we have standard DV Pal 25fps footage that we need to slow down to 50% of the orignal speed. The video contains an egg being smashed against a wall.

    So if anyone could suggest any tricks to make video in slow motion look better, that would be a very valuable piece of knowledge to many of us.

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    theres some great new features for slow mo in after effects 7

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    If you have money, Twixtor is incredible. It makes up frames for the missing ones. It will blow you away.

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    These kinds of effects you see in films and pop vids are done in camera, which is why they are so smooth. There are ways you can help the software with slo mo when you shoot, like increasing shutter speed to reduce blur and shooting from a slightly or full head on position so the movement isn't directly across the screen, this will mean there is a larger amount of overlap between frames and therefore less of a gap to fill when the software interpolates new frames.
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    agree with markymark, the new slowmo in EA7 is astounding.. very smooth

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    I haven't played with
    that new feature of AE7 but from a quick glance at the controls it looks very close to what I rememebr twixtor trying to do so I can imagine the two are comparable.

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