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    I am interested in Burning a DVD of a Slide show that I have produced in Pinnacle Studio 9.4.3. I would however like to put a folder of the Pictures on the disc as well. I would like to be able to watch the Slide show on a regular DVD player but would like the viewers to be able to place the disc in a computer and print individual photographs from the JPEG files. I would think it would not be dissimilar to the Enhanced CDs that you can buy (i.e. play in a regular CD player, but access videos etc in a computer from the same disc).

    Is this possible?


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    yes, this is fairly easy to do in a basic way.

    First you need to prepare the DVD structure, you'll need to have your VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders, these are what the DVD player will look for.

    When you produce the DVD in Pinnacle it will probably give you an option of creating a DVD folder, or something similar, this will give you the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders with your DVD information in them, if it doesn't let you do that with the software, you could always burn the DVD then just copy the folders from the burnt DVD onto your hard-drive.

    Now prepare a folder with the pictures in it, call it anything apart from VIDEO_TS or AUDIO_TS and burn that folder along with the DVD folders onto a DVD.

    You'll have 3 folders on there now, your DVD player will automatically play the dvd content but when you put it in a PC you can select the images folder as you would on a DVD-rom disc.

    Also, a lot of DVD players will be able to navigate to the other folder via some explore function on the remote, but it should play the DVD as default.

    You could include auto-start things possibly with an HTML menu for viewing/printing the pictures aswell, like you'd find on an enhanced CD, google for auto-run and HTML gallery if you want to do that.

    Some DVD authoring app's (Adobe Encore for instance) allow you to add DVD-Rom content before you burn, but all it does is what I've described, it just automates it for you.
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    Thanks for your response. You are right... it is easy. When I burn videos through Pinnacle, I always burn them to the Hard Drive prior to burning the disc itself (I find pinnacle works a little better that way...less crashes), so I am already halfway there. Thanks for the quick reply.


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    It's not very often I find something on a computer that works as advertised and is as simple to do as what you have advised. I just wanted to let you know that your instructions worked perfectly and I have been able to finish (finally) my project.

    Thanks once again for your quick response to my query. I really appreciate it.


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    no worries, happy to help,

    I was equally surprised when I found out that it was that straightforward too!
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