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    Sorry, it's not really to do with video editing, but i was thinking someone from these forums might know.. (hardware seemed the best place to post it.. feel free to move it/delete it)

    Batteries. Im getting, a TRV14 for xmas and ive found a 3 hour battery in a shop, for 130 and i was wondering if i could get it online or anywhere cheaper - and/or a longer lasting battery..?

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    Sorry mate, no idea where you can buy cheap batteries, but 130 for a 3 hour seems way steep! Picked up my last battery for Panasonic in duty free for around 60 (3 hour one that made the camcorder twice as heavy!)

    Just took a look in what camcorder and saw adverts for:

    all selling sony batteries. You might want to check them out...

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    ah ok thanks, ill check them out..

    its just the trv14 comes with an hour battery.. i know it'll make it heavier but i'll definatly need more then an hours worth.. i'd idealy (sp?) need more than 3 hours, but i dont know if you can get more.. and i dont have that kind of money..

    thanks anyway..


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    You def need the extra battery - the small ones simply don't last long enough (especially using the LCD screen, zooming, rewinding etc).

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    Ive ordered the biggest battery i can get for my cam, instead of 130 it was 90, so thanks you saved me 40 quid! (Which i used to buy a battery charger )

    My cam (TRV14) came tuesday! I've been playing with it a little, but i cant really have it till xmas.. It really good, but the batts dont last long!

    Thanks again.


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    you could try, theres a battery wizard to help locate the battery you need and the capacitys available!

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    Don't suppose you're connected to cellpacksolutions by any chance. Any chance of some free samples? :

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    haha, what you looking for marc?

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    Oooh, let's say a 3 hour battery for a Sony XM2? Seriously though, surprised you replied...

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    is that a newish camera?

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