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Thread: Mini DV in DVCAM Mode

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    Default Mini DV in DVCAM Mode

    Hi All

    Shooting in DVCAM mode with DVCAM tapes produces great quality.
    What about shooting in DVCAM mode with Mini DV Tapes? Is the quality better than Mini DV in DV SP mode?


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    DVCAM is NOT any better quality than DV. The information recorded is exactly the same, and the tapes are exactly the same, all that varies is the pitch of the recorded tracks... DVCAM has a larger pitch, so uses more tape.

    This means DVCAM is less prone to drop outs and is more resiliant to lots of editing off tape.

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    Default mini DV recorded in DVCAM format

    I really could use some help here. I've got a bunch of mini DV tapes recorded in DVCAM format. I need to find a mini DV camcorder (on a tight budget) that will read these tapes so I can get the footage onto PC asap. Any ideas?

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