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    Hi people.

    I'm editing 7 10 second movie clips together and I want them to be linked together with a white flash. I want the white flash to fade in quickley and then fade out quickley to reveal the next clip.

    How can I make this effect using Premiere Pro v7?


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    Hi Leroy, welcome back.

    Well, I have quote recently seen a really good tutorial on this but for the life of me I can't remember where. so...

    Try this quick idea. Create a white still. import that into yoru project.

    Place the two clip you want to transition on layer one, next to each other.

    Drag and drop the white still image onto layer 2 and set it's duration to about five frames. make sure the centre frams is on the the same frame as the cut between your two clips.

    Now just apply a cross fade in and out to your still image.

    Play with the timeing and/or duration of the cross fade until you're happy.

    If I can dig out the video tutorial I've seen recently, I'll post again. but I have a funny feeling it's on the freebie training DVD that came with my Adobe upgrade.

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    You could try the strobe effect.

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    What I do is simply create a new color matte, and make that white. Drag into your timeline, and size it to be about 1 second, maybe less. Then place the clips on each side of it. but if you want a fading effect, add the dissolve transition

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    I never really use the transitions, prefering to do things manually:

    1) Zoom into the timeline at the point you want the flash. Now move along a few frames and set the opacity to 100% in the effects control panel and click the toggle animation button to set a key frame. Then move back to the start point and set another keyframe at 0%. This will create a black disolve

    2) Create a new colour matte with white, and drop this under your video layer above.

    Hey presto, instant camera flash. You can then repeat this effect by copying and pasting the attriutes.

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