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Thread: JVC GR-D370U Uploading Woes

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    Question JVC GR-D370U Uploading Woes

    Hello everyone >.> I'm having trouble uploading my videos on my JVC camcorder to my computer. I purchased this camcorder in the knowledge that I would be able to easily upload all my videos to my computer, and even edit them with an editor that was included. Yet, I'm having difficulty getting anything uploaded to my computer at all >.< Has anyone had this trouble, and if so, what must I do so that I can upload my films to my computer. If my camcorder can't upload my films, I think my head is going to explode. x_x

    If it helps, here are the stats on my camera and computer.

    Problem: Uploading Videos from camcorder to computer.
    Error Message: N/A

    Manufacturer: Windows
    Model: Desktop
    CPU: Intell Pentium 4 Processor
    OS: Microsoft XP Home Edition

    Can anyone help me? Please? ._. I'd really appreciate it.

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    Are you using the IEEE 1394 (Firewire) port or the USB port?

    DV Video can only be transfered to PC by the Firewire port. The USB port is only for any still pictures you've taken, since it's much too slow to keep up with the video.
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    I was using the USB port.

    But just today, I did a little bit of research on my computer and the firewire port. I found out that my CPU, A Dell Dimension 4600, has two USB 2.0 ports, but no firewire port. When I found that out, my day was absolutely crushed. I should've expected that really, because thats my luck x_x Okay, due to these recent understandings and events >.> I have a new question...

    Is it possible to upload your movies from the JVC's GR-D370U Camcorder to a Dell Dimension 4600 without using a firewire port? Is there any software or hardware availiable that could help me?

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    No. Get a f wire card and install it in the PC. Thay are very cheap and easy to install.

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    Default Jvc Gr-d370u

    I'm sorry I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but I have a question about this camcorder.....I wanted to know if it has the capability to be able to take the recorded video and put it on a DVD? and how? Do I need a DV cable or something like that?

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