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Thread: mixing in 4 camcorder inputs

  1. Default mixing in 4 camcorder inputs

    I am shooting a conference and would like to have 3 or 4 camcorders positioned around the hall.
    The output from these 3 camcorders would go into a mixer/switcher and then I can choose which one I send down the firewire cable to the computer to record.

    Does anyone know of a good mixer/switcher ?
    I am looking at the one below and it seems good value.... any comments?
    I'd find a "preview" useful...


    • Mixer – Edirol v4, £693.25 inc vat.
    4 channel video mixer
    4 cv & 2s-video inputs
    T-Bar operation
    Twin Outputs and Preview
    Multiple effects
    Luma / Chroma key

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    Do you absolutely have to do live switching? Can't you shoot everything multi-cam then edit?

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    Hmmm, maybe, but I just want to save time. Maybe the result will be a lot better if I edit together all the seperate footage, but I don't need to produce a commercial product. This is in-house.

    Straight to a mixer then straight to a PC via a firewire cable is the quickest for me.

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    To be honest you have to think logic, You will need 4 camera operators probity 1 vision mixer operator and you would want a assitant incase any thing went wrong. That’s 6 friends which really unless its a hobby you would need to pay. I wouldn't suggest buying a vision mixer. Just hire one for the day. Panasonic and Sony are the best mixer manufactures. Then on the other hand you have three other people and your self so if the conference people are paying they will prefer this option. To be honest once your cameras are in sync it should take about 2/3 days, it took me about 2 days to edit together 2 hours with three cameras. The only reason I would think vision mixer would be better is if you don’t already have the correct software. But then you could download adobe premier pro 2.

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    A simple video mixer will not do. My guess is that your cameras are incapable of locking sync to an external signal. The switcher will have to have built in 'Frame Synchronizers', which will put all the cameras in sync so that fades and clean cuts can happen. Get your gear ahead of time to allow for a changeout if you find something just doesn't work with something else.

    Bet that multi camera shoot is looking more like you will do it in editiing rather than live.

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    Or at least record as well. Just in case.

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