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Thread: return my dvd-cam for a dv-cam ?

  1. Default return my dvd-cam for a dv-cam ?

    simple question, just bought a dvd-cam but heard dv-cam is better for editing and also even looks better, thinking about returning for a dv-cam

    heres my question, thing i like about my dvd-cam is i can jus plug it through usb and transfer it to my computer instead of using capture equipment. can a dv-cam plug in through usb and transfer to computer or do you have to capture it through a capture card ?

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    Yes, DV is better quality, the bit rate is 25mb/s, dvd is about 6.

    You can capture via fire wire.

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    Well, I dunno about THAT particular card, tho it is an attractive price point !

    Firewire comes in two flavors 4-pin - unpowered, and 6-pin - powered. Choose a card with jacks that match your cam.
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    Almost anything DV beats DVD. Switch for sure.

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    Clunker, have you definitely checked your computer over (opened every flap, door and anything with hinges on it) to make sure you don't have a firewire port already built in? I would also recommend Mini DV, if you can put up with the inconvenience of connecting up cables and the like, the results are worth it in the end.

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    thanks for all the help, i will definitly return then. i'll look over my comp and tell you if theres any firewire ports

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    my motherboard box says i have "IEEE 1394b" is that firewire ?
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