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Thread: Desktop Wallpaper that I made

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    Default Desktop Wallpaper that I made

    Not a video... although I'm not sure if that's a violation of rules or not. It's graphics related anyways, so I don't see why it would be.


    Learning how to do 3-d modeling, so I'm sorta learning useless stuff like this along the way.

    Only reason that I post it is because people seem to like it... got a lot of hits, despite the fact that where I posted it is very low traffic... so if people like it, I figure I should share it!

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    Your in the correct section.
    You did the image? Nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minsh
    You did the image?

    Learning how to use 3d studio software (HARD!), and I was able to come up with something that looks pretty nice... which is great because when you're on your 8194th hour of reading tutorials, it's hard to keep motivated. :(

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