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    Question DivX & VCD

    Hi friends,
    I have a video whose technical details is as follows:

    Video Compression: Divx Codec (.avi)
    Resolution: 624x272
    Audio: 128Kbps (Lame MP3)
    Total Video File Size: 700MB

    Now I would like to make VCD so that I can view the movie (its a home video) in my standalone DVD player which unfortunately can not play DivX codec. I tried to use nero to write it as a VCD but the size is beyond the capacity of 1 disk. So how can I make VCD out of it?

    Moreover I am not sure whethere the video is PAL or NTSC but my player supports PAL only. If the file is in NTSC can it be converted to PAL?
    Please help :(
    Thank you

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    If Nero says your VCD video is too big for a single CD, then you'll have to split it into two parts and burn to two CDs.

    VCD has very strict specifications and won't permit reducing the bitrate from 1150Kbps, which might have allowed it to fit on one CD. Also, VCD for PAL is set at 352x288 pixels, so all you can expect with VCD is about 70 minutes play time.

    Some DVD players will play an mpeg video without needing it to be in VCD format. If you have one and can stand the extra distortion, you can use a lower bit rate to fit a longer video on a CD. With NeroVision, you'll have to export the video as an MPEG-1 with custom settings and burn as an ordinary data CD. Encoding with 850kbps will fit 90 minutes on a CD. Reducing the format from 352x288 to 320x240 may give fair quality.
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    Thank You Crusty.
    I shall try the process and get back here with the result.

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    split some parts from it ,some junk minutes. get the software from General Discusion ' pimp the link part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by longname
    split some parts from it ,some junk minutes. get the software from General Discusion ' pimp the link part.
    Sorry, could not understand clearly. Could you please be more specific?
    Thank you

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    Hi Curtsy,
    I used TMPGEnc to split the DivX file in two and converted to PAL VCD format. Though the voice portion is bit down [music is just fine], Can it be improved? I used extracted audio track in wav of the file while encoding.

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    Hi Guys,
    I solved my above prob as follows:

    Extracted Audio.
    Gave it a 20db boost in Audition 1.5
    Used TMpeg Enc to select the boosted audio as the audio source and its resulted in wonderfully sounding VCDs.
    Thank you.

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