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Thread: Really Blurry final product Video (WMP) in Premiere Pro 1.5

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    Default Really Blurry final product Video (WMP) in Premiere Pro 1.5

    I uploaded the video at the link above so you can see the quality. Its really blurry and the figures moving you see like wierd blurry outline around them.
    It should be much higher quality as i exported it in PREMIERE as :

    General Summary:
    Output: Compressed
    Average Kbps: 304.00

    Video Summary:
    Codec: Windows Media Video V8
    Encoding Passes: Two
    Bitrate Mode: Constant

    Audio Summary:
    Codec: Windows Media Audio 9
    Encoding Passes: Two
    Bitrate Mode: Constant

    Metadata Summary:

    Audiences Summary:

    Corporate LAN or cable modem/DSL (256 Kbps)
    Maximum Bitrate (kbps): 256.00 (low quality)
    Width: 320
    Height: 240
    Frames Per Second: 25.00 (low quality)
    Keyframe Interval (seconds): 10
    Buffer Size (seconds): 10
    Image Quality: 0.00 (low quality)
    Audio Format: 48 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo (A/V) CBR

    The video footage is all DV and all from a PAL camera, which is why i exported it out PAL. Also when i capture footage on my computer, i leave it all uncompresed, so i dotn think thats the problem. Ive tried also changing it into quicktime and different formats but its all blurry bad quality. Am i forgetting to do something before exporting the video? This is my first video, any help would be appreciated, even paypal donations i would make.

    Im thinking im using a wrong codec, or something is wrong.
    Can anyone help make my quality better?

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    It looks OK to me, it looks a lot lower quality than the source because it's being compressed a lot, the settings you are using are for "low quality" download, and it might even be re-encoded by Myspace to flash format or something.

    This quality is fine for the 'net, the file is a good size, there's no problem there. If you want higher quality for the web, encode with a higher bitrate using the same codec (wmv).

    If you want to export for DVD, then you are using the wrong codec, I'd recommend exporting from Premiere as DV avi (that's the format you recorded in)

    This will retain the quality of the original footage, and then you can encode to MPEG2 for DVD, or whatever other codec for whatever else, see the FAQ above for MPEG2 and other encoding info.
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    is it just me or are you expecting video encoded at a biterate of 256 to be television quility???

    if this is the case I suggest that instead of exporting your movie through media encoder-you instead go file, export movie -with no compression.

    I didnt watch the whole video -but to me the video looks just what I would expect if it was compressed to a 256kbps

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    thanks for all the replys!
    Now ive tried making it into bette bitrate and chose 10xx and its 17.4mg big now. While the video is bigger, the resolution is still blurry. Is there anyway to make it clearer?

    My goal is that i keep the file down to be under 5 mg, but retain good detail and size for the internet. I want to have it up on myspace and stuff to show friends. Thanks..

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    I really think that if you put this video down to 5megs you wont get any better quiltily than youve already seen.. the fact of the matter is big files=good picture, small file=bad picture.. theres no way of limiting the size of the file aswell as still having good quility video.

    I dont think u can expect to get much better than the oringal if your wanting to limit it to 5meg..

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    the quality is fine for the internet, look at other videos of under 5MB,

    wmv is a good codec for this purpose, you won't be able to get it much better.
    The only way to keep the quality higher and keep it under 5MB is to shorten the clip and increase the bitrate.

    other factors like the amount of movement in the clip affect the quality also, but because of the content you're shooting movement will always be high, so don't worry about it.
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