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Thread: Return camera, or upgrade pc?

  1. Default Return camera, or upgrade pc?

    Ok, so I posted about how I can't capture video here:
    and a friend says he thinks it is because I'm on WinME, and using Ulead v.5 instead of 7. He said that the camera records in a pure dv stream and not a file format, and my os is too old to recognize this properly when capturing the stream. Does this sound right?
    I have two opportunities here, the first is to let this guy upgrade my pc and I can get Ulead 7. The second is to return the camera. They guy I got it from on Ebay has been nice enough to let me return it for a refund. Then I can spend a little more and get a camera that has been known to work with my setup. I don't have enough money for both.
    What should I do?

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    Oh yeah, the other thing I considered was buying
    but I can't return it if it doesn't work. So I would have to know from someone here that it would definately work. Because that is all the money I have to spend on this little luxury, at least for a few months.

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    Hmmmmmmmm! I remember the good old days of windows millenium edition. I used to use that to capture from firewire using Ulead Video Studio 4. No problems whatsoever. It was a Sony Digital 8 Camcorder though. To be honest I don't know the sharp camera at all. I must admit that I though MiniDV was MiniDV. I tried to check with Sharp's UK WEB Site tonight, but it is down because of a major communications failure in Manchester. So I'll find out later and post back.

    As for the Pinnacle Studio thing. Check the minimum system requirements against your own PC. If you are on Windows ME then that implies quite old. You can check minimum requirements at

    Note though that Pinnacle recommend Windows XP for this product (but claim it will run on Windows ME). Take great care on this as Pinnacle software has a bit of a habit of being extremely fussy!

    What should you do? Well I upgraded my rather modest 700Mhz Duron PC to XP about 2 years ago. And it is still going strong producing reasonable movies and DVDs using Ulead kit mostly (Mediastudo Pro and Movie factory). I have 512Mb RAM and a dedicated Video disk. OK I admit it I have to read a copy of War and Peace when I render any movie of any great length. The upgrade to XP is worth it though for a whole load of reasons, mostly to do with system stability. Check that your PC can handle it though.

    First of all find out if its worth keeping that camera. I'll keep looking for a spec and post back.

    Good luck meantime.

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    Finally got the spec from the Sharp US site. Good camera. Also noticed a lot of very positive reviews on this camera.

    I am still puzzled though as to why Windows ME cannot capture from this. Worth checking a couple of settings on Video Studio. You will have to excuse me as I am using Video Studio 4, but I think 5 is much the same)

    1. Start a new project. Select 'AVI 720x576 25fps, DV PAL' if you are in the UK. Or 'AVI 720x480 29.97fps, DV NTSC' if you are in North America. Then click OK.

    2. From the Global Setting menu, take 'Select Device Control' and select 'MS 1394 Device Control', as opposed to 'TI 1394 Device Control' and click OK.

    3. From the Global Setting menu, take 'Select Change Capture Plug In' and select 'ULead DirectShow Capture Plug In' and click OK.

    4. Capture some movie

    5. Go to the 'Finish' stage and click the 'Make Movie Button'

    6. Store the movie wherever and Bob should be your Uncle'

    I have tested this (allbeit in XP with a Sony MiniDv Camera) without any problem whatsoever, and could happily play said movie in Windows Media Player. The only thing I can think of is that version 4 of Video Studio (and therfore perhaps 5) does not distinguish between DV Type 1 and DV Type 2. This may be important as far as your camera goes. I wish I could say for certain.

    However give the above a go and post back as to how you get on.

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    Thank you so very much.
    I was able to get a hold of the camera's tech support today, and they said it definately is possible.
    I tried your suggestions, and I get the message " There is no common media between these pins Captured file cannot be inserted into the timeline fle may be corrupt" which I thjink is the message I got before. It must mean the sound, because I can't hear anything.
    So, this experiment tells me maybe XP will be worthwile . Especially since he (the friend) said he might be getting a copy of Ulead 7 in with a firewire card soon, and he'll throw that my way, so if it's dv2 that may help.


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    Actually, quite by accident I just saw something in the program's help file that said that sometimes there was a problem with some cameras, and the fix was to make a delay before recording starts in the .ini file. Well, I couldn't find the file, but I played the tape for just a few seconds then stopped, before starting the capture sequence.
    No error message. It worked. Weird huh? I'm still going to get XP though, simply because I hate Win ME :lol.

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    Jolly good! At last we seem to be getting to the bottom of this.

    You can actually adjust the pre-roll times using Video Studio.

    1. From the Global Preferences select 'Select Device Control'

    2. Make sure you have selected 'MS 1394 Device Control' from the drop down list, then click the 'Options' button.

    3. Play about with the values in the dialogue. At a complete guess, given what you have described, I would try making the times longer. However that is a guess and it may take a few attempts to get it right!

    Hope that finally solves the problem.

    Good luck.

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    Great! That worked soo perfectly, thanks!

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