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Thread: How to config to Render faster in APP 2.0

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    Exclamation How to config to Render faster in APP 2.0

    I use HDD 200Gb, 3Gb CPU, 2Gb Ram, Matrox Card.
    I use file avi 3Gb, 10 effect GPU (Center Peel)

    When render to avi file not use card -> 16m05s for 3Gb
    When render use card with Compressor (DVCPro) -> 10m15s for 3Gb
    When render user card with compressor (DV/DVCam) -> 3m48s for 3Gb

    So how to config ro render faster.
    Maybe more... .

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    Well, it's sounds like you've enough horsepower.

    I'd look to turn off any background applications running. Check the Systray (erm, Notification Area?) in the lower right corner of your screen. Turn off any apps that aren't absolutely needed for editing (like antivirus stuff, chat programs, etc.). Not only do they eat memory, but oftimes chew up clock cycles on the CPU. I use a desktop calendar that checks the hard drive every .10th of a second to see if I've changed my wallpaper. My antivirus package monitors ALL disk activity. You get the idea. Then do a couple of render tests to see if you get an acceptable decrease in time to render. If it's good, you're fat-dumb-and-happy. If not, let us know & we'll move on to something else.
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    Just a few thoughts on this post....

    I'm presuming you have the Matrox RT.X100 card (or is the new RT.X2?) and you are working in standard def.

    A 3Gb AVI file for SD is of the order of 15 minutes of movie footage.

    Now, if you are rendering and exporting 15 minutes of footage with effects and transitions in 4 minutes then I respectfully suggest you have better things to worry about than making it faster. Just try this in high def. That 4 minute export will grow to about 10 hours some days.

    However, you only quote one hard drive. The Matrox cards expects at least three to work properly. Ensure you have your boot drive (C?) with your s/w on, a dedicated import/export drive and a work drive.


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