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Thread: finding the date a tape was captured...

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    Default finding the date a tape was captured...

    Heya all.. i have a problem with my recordings. i captured 10 tapes with 2 cameras and imported them with ModionDV studio. That program showed me the date and time(precisely) the time when i recorded the tape and that helps alot for my project because i have to sync betwen the 2 cameras and that's not possible without knowing the exact time at wich i captured. However, when I import it in Premiere or Sony Vegas 5 i can't see that time and date. Any idea how i can do that without having to write it on the actual video? thank and ask any questions if i wasn't very clear

    - Neur0n

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    have a look at this:

    it looks like it could be helpfull, it gives you a fair few output formats like subs, a text file and stuff, I'm not sure if you'd be able to get this running alongside your project in Premiere, but it might be possible,

    There's lots of datecode relevant links on that page too, which might be usefull.
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    Thanks I'll see what i can dig out

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    Ok... got the 2 programs and the timecode is working, but how do i split by scene with(or without) them? and i need to sync betwen 2 cameras in a more easy way so... how to do that? ANY KIND of help WILL be hlpfuld

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    anyone? plz i need the help :(

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    Hello. You need to press the clapper board button in premiers capture window. The only problem with this is you have to site at the computer and press enter after each scene.

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