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    Default WIP: Liberatus

    Hi All,

    Since our previous project Countdown has come to a near standstill (it's proving difficult to edit) I'll ask for some editing advice for our latest piece, Liberatus. This is the first rough cut, done in three days. There is some compositing to go in (mirrors in white space, hand through mirror) and perhaps a shot or two to add and some to remove.

    This was shot on a Sony HVR-Z1 @ 1080i50 with no 35mm adapter.

    Filesize 27.4mb

    For those wondering whats going on, google Jacques Lacan's Mirror Theory. The project is a metaphor for early childhood and the moments we begin to gain self awareness and question ourselves as well as our environment etc.

    some higher quality clips:

    Intro Sequence:

    Toilet Sequence:

    Cheers for looking!
    my new years resolution is 300 DPI.

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    I watched the intro sequence and i liked it.

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    I watched it all, I thought the editing was good,

    the bit where he's walking down the street and then it seamlessly goes to the white-space is good.

    I haven't googled mirror theory so I don't really know what's going on, but the editing suited the pace and style of the piece.

    How are you going to add the mirrors in the white-space?
    That could be tricky if you want the effect I'm imagining, (him walking past mirrors), wouldn't it have been easier to just film the mirrors?

    also, the focus/dof stuff with the taps is nice, but it's a bit quick, maybe it's just me, but I thought it should have been a bit slower to fit in with the rest of the video.

    Really good overall.
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