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Thread: To RAID or not RAID

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    I'm in the process of building a new PC including Intel D975XbX mobo, Intel Pentium D950 CPU, 2GB RAM, 3 x 250GB Samsung SpinPoint SATA II HDDs and Pioneer DVR-A11XL DL DVD Burner on which I'll be running Windows XP Pro and Adobe Production Studio Premium.

    I had originally intended running two of the HDDs as RAID-0 and using the third HDD for backup, however, from a number of recent articles I've read, there would seem to be no 'real world' benefit (See [URL=""]).

    I'm now considering setting up a 20GB partition on the first HDD for XP and applications, the second HDD for data, video,audio, etc and using the third HDD for backup including image copies of the 20GB partition. I'll use the remainder of the first drive for storage of archival data.

    Any comments re RAID-0 or my proposed setup would be most welcome.

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    There is a real world benefit for video editing. Given that video editing involves moving around HUGE files, any increase in speed (no matter how small) helps.

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    Thanks Marc.

    Accepting I go with RAID-0 what would be your recommended HDD setup for the three Samsung disks? Any partitioning?

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    To get maximum performance from any HDD you should only have 1 partition per disk.

    1 HDD for windows and apps, and then raid 0 for capture and all other project/scratch files, remember the chances of data loss increase with raid 0 so keep the DV tapes as back up, at least until the project is finished and maybe add an external firewire drive for back up of project files

    My setup is:

    windows and apps - stripe raid
    capture and scratch files - stripe raid
    export and back up - single drive

    this is the set up I have had for a long time now and have recently swapped all the drives for SATA2 but have not compared performance to non raid SATA2 drives, so cannot comment on the advantages raid might still have to offer over a single SATA2 drive.
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    Although these articles may suggest there is no real difference in performance, iots only when you see it in practice that u see it working.

    My Own system runs 2 raids, one raoid for appz and os the other for media and the performance is outstanding in comparrison to similarly specced non raid systems.

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