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Thread: Having two languages playing with a .ogm file

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    Question Having two languages playing with a .ogm file

    I downloaded some videos and when you play them both english and japanese( i think ) play at the same time. I've never really messed around with editing audio like that in videos so im seeking some help. any programs that you recommend to edit out the japanese overlay or anything you just know to fix it would be great. tried to google some stuff but you get so many hits it insane. im lost. help plix =D

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    It's going to be very hard work filtering out one language.

    Unless when you open the soundtrack in a sound editor you find that each language is in a seperate sound channel in which case you can just trash one channel. i.e. maybe the left speaker is English and the right speaker is Japanese. Plenty of sound editors around. I use Adobe Audition which happens to have a 'capture audio from video' feature I quite like. They have a free demo version you can download if you want to try it.

    But if the sound is not seperated out into channels you are going to have one hell of a job I reckon. Youmight find one voice has a higher pitch thanthe other in which case you might be able to filter out the different frequency ranges from each other. I wouldn't fancy the job though.

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    What are you using to play the files back?

    An .ogm is a container for the audio and video files, it should have the soundtracks as seperate languages, you can normally select which one to listen to as you would with a DVD.

    So it might be that your playback software can't handle ogm files,

    I think I used BS Player last time I played an .ogm back, it allows you to select which soundtrack to play quite easily.

    If you need to export them seperately for authoring a DVD, or just to delete one of them, you can do it with virtual dub mod (free from: here), there's a tutorial here:

    If they are actually encoded together then like Mr Mills says, it would be a nightmare to filter one out.
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