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Thread: Home Theatre PCs

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    Default In-Car PC

    Right a wee project I am considering is building is a pc for the car. Now I know there are tons of modding sties out there but i dont wanna do any serious modding. I have a small mediam format tower PC and have found a retractable 7"monitor with radio and tv that sits where a regular stereo would (dont ya love ebay!!)

    The problem is the Power supply. I know I could get an inverter but I wanna know if anyone has seen a 12v psu for pc's that would work in a car. Any ideas??

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    SPAM!!! I links to a pron site...

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    MSI software is rubbish, its like a cheap 4.00 Microsoft media play look a likey thing.
    Oddly you can do it all on a standard system anyway, I do all that on mine; home theater 5.1 Sound, Two DVD's (muti player/stacker), PVR, Freeview, on the widescreen and also on the monitor. Wireless remote and mouse which controls it all.

    I am running XP 64 and my only fault is that Nvidia havent got the VMR drivers for the VIVO on the GPU's.

    The thing is with some of the smaller cases they can be hot unless you get the heater core fanless ones.

    PC in the car, I keep getting companies sending me info on them, there $500 or around that, they fit in the glove box, they seam OK, but thats it.
    Need Pro Computer advice?

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    I believe an xbox 360 or even a first gen x box can perform well in this role. I have an old x box and I never really use it except to play dvds so I was thinking of making it into a media thingy. I believe it needs to be chipped and some custom s ware installed - apparently this works very well - anyone done this?

    With xbox 1s going for 50 quid or less it has to be worth thinknig about, or have i missed something?

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    ive just bought a Sony Media PC it looks like a large amp, runs XP onto the sony 46" LCD screen, and runs Media Centre, with digital tuner

    its a real Living room experience
    Live from Norwich !

    Sony PC1000E ( Stopped working after 13months)
    Sony HDR-HC3 4Mega Pixels High Def Mini DV Broke
    Canon HF 10 - Broke
    iPhone4 Sport
    Waiting for the Sony HDR-GW55VE

    Avid Studio, + Pinnacle Studio14, Win7 64bit 12 GIG memory, Nvidia GTX590, twin 3D display, 2Terrabyte HD

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    Eventually, I will be purchasing a PC for my home theater. I've got my eye on the Athlon X2 and thanks to a bluetooth adapter I can use a diNovo Mini as my remote.

    Think having a PC in your home theater is going to become more popular with Hulu and Netflix becoming more prominent. They're like on-line DVRs. "Oh crap, I forgot to DVR 24; no fear Hulu is here!" Anyway, you get the drift.


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    I always wanted a theater growing up, and my dad always said, "Son, when you get your own house, then you can have a theater."

    So finally here it is:

    Room Size: 37' ft x 17' ft
    Screen Size: 144" (12 ft of glory)
    Speakers: BostonA70
    Receiver: Yamaha 5.1 Surround Sound
    18" sub with 1000 watt amp.

    Mini Mac - Use the minimac for streaming shows online, movies and for surfing.
    Custom built gaming pc: i7 Quad @ 3.4Ghz, 12GB DDR 3 Memory, 2 TB Hard Drives Sata2, ATI 5850 1 GB Memory DDR5, Creative Labs Gamer Soundcard, - Use this for uh.... gaming.
    Viewsonic Media Box - When I'm too lazy to wait for mini mac to boot, use this to play movies on hard drives and memory sticks (USB based)
    Sony Blu-ray player

    The theater can seat 16 people comfortably.

    My family and friends love it!


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    Wow... Do you let them bring their own popcorn or do they have to buy yours!?
    Though, unless you have 16 people in your family I'm pretty sure it's illegal to invite people over to watch a film you bought

    Anyway, I'd love a friend like you. I built up our HTPC, which is a dual core Athlon running at 3.2GHz, an overclocked Nvidia 9800GT GPX, into a 40" Panasonic, sound via a Cambridge amp and Wharefdale Speakers (2.1), antec case with quiet fans and an LCD screen streaming the news, and a remote. It's not mega powerful, but the HTPC will also play thrid gen games and does all my video editing. Most of our movies, and all our photos and music are stored on the HTPC which can be streamed to our laptops should we fancy a movie in bed, or music in another room. But having the internet and all associated advantages to the TV is bloody good. I couldn't go back.

    I can seat four comfortably on our couch for movie nights.

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    PS - I love that every couch is different

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    Thanks. Yes, everyone who sees my theater, loves it!

    FYI, the laws for showing a movie at one's house may be different in the UK, but here in the US showing a movie in a privately owned home is legal. However, showing a movie in a public place, such as a bar, restaurant or whatever, is illegal without a license.

    PS - My next move is to install some 3d projectors.

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