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Thread: Im new, heres a clip i did

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    Default Im new, heres a clip i did

    Hi, i do videos for people who play streetball/basketball and i get payed for this.

    Here are 2 of the videos i have done, both in Adobe Premiere
    ^this is around 40 mb (I got lazy half way through because the guy was rushing me and started to get on my nurves, so i stopped with the effects)
    ^this is 1 of my better clips i think, this was placed on a Japanese type forum, so i used my alias USK to edit this 1. No i am not japanese. Was placed on Japanese site because it was a trip to Japan and it was sponsored by a Japanese type orgranization.

    Let me know what you think

    P.S: Instead of waiting to donwload them, you could comply copy/paste into the players themselves.
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    I watched the second one, it's pretty slick, I like the techniques you use a lot and I think it works well.

    A couple of things:

    I didn't like a couple of the transitions, the sliding diagonal lines and the brick-wall being taken down type thing at the start, I just didn't think they fitted in with the rest of the video, but I don't personally like that type of transition anyway so I'm biased.

    Also, I want to see some different angles, all the shots are courtside, which is good for seeing the detail, but I'd have liked some variety, what would be cool is having a long-shot cam' so you can get the whole arc of the shot in and the corwds reaction, and then another cam from up in the stands, or behind/on top of the back-board, then edit between them,

    I remember watching the Ball-Above-All (I think that was it) video my mate had, I like watching this stuff, but with the extra angles it would be that bit better.
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    Thanks, i havent beene diting for that long, so i really appreciate it. People think im good enough to get paid (which i do) so yah, i appreciate all the help and what not. As for the angles, i had nothing to do with that, it was the people in Japan that were filming and such. The brick wall tranistion, personally its not the best, but i though it went good with the beat. If you lsiten to how the beat goes when the transition starts, youll see what i am talking about.

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    You might for your future projects consider a camera in the thick of it so to speak. Get someone to strap on a helmet type camera, and or even in the middle with a small dv cam for an additional angle. It would add another dynamic, putting your viewer in front of the basket.

    Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by makotosun
    You might for your future projects consider a camera in the thick of it so to speak. Get someone to strap on a helmet type camera, and or even in the middle with a small dv cam for an additional angle. It would add another dynamic, putting your viewer in front of the basket.

    Just a thought.
    Haha, Helmet type camera, that would be real funny. Thanks for the tips though. what did you think about the editing and music?

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    I watched the 2nd one, Your editing is really pro! Like it. 9/10!!!

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    Having filmed Basketball myself I know how fast and unpredictable the action is, so I won't make my usual moan about a lack of close-ups. The footage was exciting and extremely well edited, the music fitted very well and all-in-all it's an enjoyable clip to watch.


    PS: just to be picky, I must agree with bgarthp that some of the transitions seemed to jar and there could have been a few more interesting angles, but you said that you worked with footage supplied to you. Even so, don't be nervous about demanding that the customer supplies what you need in the future.
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    Thanks all, yah, ive worked with different programs from pinnacle, to vegas, and adobe all in less than 6 months. I started with 6.0 last year, moved to vegas 6.0, mastered that, a little of pinnacle here and there when i imported my own footage, now im back to my beloved premiere.

    As far as having pro work, thank you for that, i will probably try to major in video production type skills when i get to college. currently im only 15 (November 25,1990) and am in the 10th grade (About to be a Junior!!) So i really appreciate those type of comments.

    For the demanding part, well the person i edit for lived in Vancouver, and is sometimes hard to contact them other then by there 2 way. I am currently working on another project which i am getting paid for. A mixtape called "The Application" for a streetballer. I talk to him alot nd will be requesting certain angles for certain shots for a more dramatic feeling in a sense.

    The trailer/promo will come for that soon as he sends me footage to work with, so when i finish with that, ill post it up for you all!!

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    Not really into the whole streetball thing so im not gonna say anything about this except for that you make it work. Good job.

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