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Thread: Premiere Pro vs. FCP 4

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    Default Premiere Pro vs. FCP 4

    Allright, everybody. I am starting from scratch. I am familiar with Premiere 6.5 and like it a lot, but I can't decide between Premiere Pro or FCP 4. HOW DO I CHOOSE??? please feel free to bash one or the other, or link me to a place that compares the two, I can't find a comparison. Thanks.

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    anyone? please??

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    This forum rules.

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    Default Constructive Critisism

    First off, I'll reply to your proclamation that "this forum sucks".

    A successful forum is largely dependant on the members which make up the community. In the case of Video Editing Forums, I would classify the active membership as less than 10 members; This stands in stark contrast to the 1,000 registered members shown at the foot of the index page. In view of the volume of posts by these "hit and run" members, it is greatly satisfy to me that a select few indivuals spend a not insignificant amount of their time replying.

    In view of this, I'll let you make up your own mind whether the forum sucks or not. In my mind, the forum "rocks". But hey, I would say that

    To answer your original question regarding the difference between the two, I would suggest that you post what you're looking for in a video editing suite and whether you will be using this in combination with any dedicated hardware. I would also suggest that you first investigate what each apps offer and then perhaps ask questions on the relative merits of functions which one app offers that the other doesn't.

    Personnally, I've never used Final Cut Pro, so couldn't comment on whether it was better or worse than Premiere Pro. But if I were to have a choice, the first thing I would do is to go the website and look at what it offers . A good starting point for any comparison.

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    I appreciate your reply, and am happy to hear that this forum is not dead. I have researched both, and find very few differences. Both are attempting to be more like avid and provide realtime rendering. both have nested timlines and great audio editing. both provide some pre-packaged effects, not really what i'm looking for though. both allow for time remapping. premiere pro allows for more optimization through hardware, macs do not. final cut has everything in one package, with premiere, i would probably need after effects too. i have no hardware yet, so it doesn't matter to me weather i use mac or pc. this is what i know. i also know that i need a powerful editing station for an aspiring indie filmmaker that allows for lots of creativity and flexibility. any more information would be awesome. thanks.

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    It terms of support, you're probably find that the user base for Adobe Premiere is bigger, i.e there's more "regular joes" that pick up and run with Premiere. To this end, you're more lilkely to find a solution to a potential Premiere problem on the internet. In my opinion of course!

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