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    Hi I'm new to the forum.

    I've only recently came back to editing after a few years break. After converting an old Premier 6.0 (or 6.5, I can't remember) project to Premier Pro 2.0 I found that one of the slideshows in it is a bit broken. Basically the zoom-in effect in the slideshow cause the image to flicker and jump on screen - Which didn't happen in the old version.

    I made the decision to redo the entire slideshow, but for some reason I can't find the Zoom-in image effect to put into the new slideshow. I'm sure it must be there somewhere.

    I know it's kind of silly, but can anyone tell me where is it?

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    It's a transition.
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    edit the scale and position options... or use the 'crop' effect and zoom - but as i've seen quite alot recently on here -remember its a digital zoom and it will effect the quality of the image..

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    Thank you for answering,

    I know about the transition, it was pretty easy to find, but that's not what I was looking for.

    I'm not really zooming-in very far, just to keep the slideshow from being boring and to give a little bit of extra focus to some part of the image, not enough to hurt the quality.

    ok, I tried the 'crop' effect with zoom, it seems like it cropped a one pixel width from all sides and thatís it... no lasting effect. What am I doing wrong?

    I might have a lack of fundamental understanding. If I go to an image, choose Show Clip Keyframes --> Motion --> Position, and?.?.? There is no field to specify values of any kind. I'm baffled. Where are all the filter's value fields? This is nothing like what I used to work with in the past.

    (Sorry for the newbie question)

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    Surely someone know the answer :-/

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    In the effects control tab there's a setting under motion labelled "scale".

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    Quote Originally Posted by hextraordinary
    Surely someone know the answer :-/
    Respectfully, I think that main delay here is that the answer to this question is quite a simple case of RTFM. Zooming an image in Premiere is pretty basic stuff. If you've spoent that much on the s/w to buy PProv2 then invest a little bit of time going through the manual that came with it.

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    ahh, this is pretty simple.

    This deals with Keyframes and the MOTION effect (You atutomatically have this on a clip)

    Just choose the clip that you want, select the motion effect. Before adjusting anything, add a keyframe where you want the zooming to start. then find where you want the zoom to stop. where you want the clip to stop zooming, adjust the scale so that it gets closer. (It will automatically add a keyframe)

    If you still do not understand, here is a little tutorial on what i did.
    P.S:Sorry if the quality is bad. Wasnt really taking that into consideration.
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