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Thread: Videographics Lab Not what I expected...

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    Default Videographics Lab Not what I expected...

    Okay I just downloaded the trial for the Ulead Videographics Lab, and its not what I expected (or at least I am unable to use it the way I need to).

    Anyways, what I need to do in some of my own videos I made, is put my logo on them. Similar to that of MTV or ESPN or whatever you know. I just need to be able to have my logo fade or have some sort of basic effect (like Windows movie maker does), stay on while the video is on, and then fade out.

    Well I cant seem to find any free (or free trial) software that does that. The closest thing I could find by the description was the Ulead Videographics lab, but unfortunately I cant figure out how to place exsisting picture files on there.

    Now I do have the purchased version of Ulead Photoimpact 10, so if there is anyway to put UFO files in VGL, then any help would be appreciated. If not, and there is another editing software that you know of that lets me just put my own logo up, then that would be appreciated as well!

    - Mike

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    Nearly all decent editors will allow you to do this. I am not sure about free soloutions.

    Check out the 'trial' functionality of vegas from sony, I think it may be fully functional and only time (30 day) limited.

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    VirtualDub will do this, and it's free. (get it here:

    file> open video file

    video> filters> Add...> logo> OK

    then you choose your logo, you can set the position, opacity, view a preview etc.

    file> save as AVI

    you will then have your logo overlayed, for free.
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    I did this recently but I created a 768x576 graphic with my logo on it, in the bottom righthand corner. I saved it as a TIFF with a black background. I then put it on a video track above the video track and stretched it the entire length of the production to stop copying. I then used one of the keying effects to knock out the black background and rendered it. The black BG is now gone and the logo is displayed in the bottom righthand corner. It's just another variation of what was said before.

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