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Thread: Sony Handycam DCR VX-1000E....... Help!

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    Default Sony Handycam DCR VX-1000E....... Help!

    Hi Guys,

    I've just started using my dads Sony Handycam DCR VX-1000E and Iím looking for some advice. I seem to be getting some good results with it so I want to start editing them and making some dvd's!

    I have some footage and I want to edit it on my home PC. Iím currently running Windows XP, can I connect my camera up to the computer and transfer the footage? I notice it has a DC out widget, is this what I use? If so, what additional equipment do I need and what is the best editing program?

    Many thanks in advance for the advice!


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    'DV OUT' is the port to use.

    Then you need a fire wire wire with a small plug on one end to fit the camera with the other end going to the firewire port on the PC.

    Editing / capture wise you can have a go with windows movie maker as a good freebie.

    As for the best editor, well ask 5 or 10 people and expect 5 or 10 different answers. First off decide how much money you want to spend, 50?, 100?, 100s?, then get some reccomendations and download some free trails and have a play and see what suits you best.

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