I recently bought two of the Gainward FX powerpack PCI pro/660 tv/dvi graphics cards for a college in dublin, specifically for video editing.
The Pcs are Pentium 4 with XP home, an intregrated graphics card, and no AGP slot, hence I had to buy a PCI card.
I have already installed the card in one machine and disabled the on board card in the BIOS and it is working fine with every program even Adobe premier until I try to use the DV settings of the fire wire card. The image is spread across the two monitors and works fine it just can't find the dv drivers.

The only thing I have done is installed the graphics card and premier was working fine before, its now telling me it cant find the Mircosoft DV drivers but the device manager says fire wire card and the graphics card are working fine are enabled and the drivers are fine?

In premier the message says

error connecting to Microsoft(TM) dv drivers

Premiers error message is telling me that I should uninstall any new drivers that have been recently put on the system which would mean taking the graphics card off and i need then to work together so as to have a dual monitor editing setup.

So were does that leave me,did the gainsward card overwrite any of the dv drivers( i know this probably isn't the case as the card does not seem to have dv functions, but need to rule it out!) what should I do next I really need to get this to work.
Ive spent ages on line on the Adobe site. the microsoft site, and the gainsward site with no luck and no reply. have you come across this problem before, any suggestions would be greatly appreicated. even a
re-installation of everything if nessecary but would rather not as I dont have copies of all the programs on the system.

Aidan Mc