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Thread: newbie - whats the best?

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    I am looking at capturing video from a conference I am shooting live. So, straight from the camcorder into the computer to be edited later.

    I've looked at some internal capture cards, like the Pinacle 500, the ADS Pyro DV etc etc, but I am a little bit lost. Price range not important. Just want the best value with no frames dropped.

    Has anyone got any capture-card recommendations for these live situations?


    ps: I've got a PC desktop, 3GHz 1 GRAM 260GB storage.
    I'm using a Canon GL2 camcorder.

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    I thought capture cards were for capturing analogue signals only. Can you not capture from the camera through the firewire link at record time?

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    I think that I am looking for a card with a hw accelerator that would not drop frames and capture good quality on the fly.
    Perhaps not just with Firewire input, but also flexible with an S-Video input and a Composite.

    I found a link with some good examples but don't know which is best on the market at present:

    Any help gratefully received...

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    You can capture thru f wire on the fly with no probs, s video and composite will require a A to D convertor. There is a good one commonly reccomended aroung 150 quid, but I forgot the name... sorry. Anyone else ?

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