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Thread: My New Film...

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    Smile My New Film...

    Hey Everyone,

    I just made my third film Entitled Last sIn Using Adobe Premiere 2.0 Pro..... I just want to know what you all think of it.....The film is actually 16 mins long but "You Tube" only allows for a max of 10 mins.

    Just click on the link.....

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    Default Last sIn

    Very slick, and some good filming & editing know-how. Expert titles and a scary story, too. I found the muffled dialogue a bit annoying though. A good revenge vid, but if itís for16 minutes, I think more characterisation is needed - some more detail as to who, why and what for.

    Also, I thought that just after the suicide, the story wasnít clear, it seemed to stumble a bit, or lose its pace. Just my first impression.

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    I agree 100% with Tone on all points. My main gripe is the sound (the music is a bit OTT occasionally as well) and the pacing is a bit slow.

    A couple of minutes more, spent on getting to know the main character would have been nice, such that we understand more about him. On the other side of the coin, the action needs to be speeded up a bit. I realise that you're trying to build up the suspense, but it's not quite working. In a 90 minute film the audience will accept a slow build-up, but not in a "short".

    Don't take these criticisms too hard, I'm being very picky. This is still a nice little movie, and I'm really glad to see more drama being shown on Videoforums.
    Nice production Sony, look forward to seeing more...

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    I greatly appreciate all your input, Lord knows I agree with some of what you put down. The copy I posted on Youtube is a very much trimmed down version of the actual copy.
    I used a Hi def 1080 Video camera that encoded everything In 5.1 dolby digital. So it will sound a little funny because 5 channels are being squezzed into 2 channel stereo for the website.
    But thanks anyways guys....
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