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Thread: Vegas 5 question (simple for you!)

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    Default Vegas 5 question (simple for you!)

    How do I speed up and slow down videos?

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    I think 5 is the same as 6 in as much as - Right click timeline - Insert Envelope - Velocity. Set mark points and drag line up and down to adjust speed.

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    Easy way is to "right click" on your video clip (time line) select "insert/remove envelopes" then click on velocity. On the timeline you will see a green bar, by right clicking on the bar you can insert points where you can speed up and slow down your clip. Alternatively you can do the whole clip by placing the cursor on the end of your clip and press the Ctrl key on your key board then dragging the clip in and out.

    Hope this helps.

    [edit, Im not mad and posting the same as Turn he's just a quicker typer.]

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