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Thread: video editing help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Red face video editing help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    what I do now is record service for our church and come home edit them and turn them to dvd.
    what I need to know? what is the best card for that and best software.
    Next couple of weeks Ill be doing videogrophy of weddings and editing video, what is the best card and software for that?
    thatnks for your time.

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    Jumped right in at the deep end then. For editing all you need is a firewire card in the fastest machine, with the biggest HDDs and the most Ram you can afford. There are plenty of posts that cover PC setup, but the basics is 1 HDD with windows and software on it, 80Gb is plenty for this, and another on the second channel as big as you can get for all your video capture and project files.

    Premiere elements is a good place to start, (it has some DVD creation included) but there are many apps to choose from, but I would say that which ever you choose, a multilayer timeline and the ability for colour correction is essential.

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    Hi wwjdcgh

    Is this your first foray into wedding videos? What kind of setup have you got? Have you got a good tripod, tieclip or shotgun mic as the sound can be terrible in some churches, you get plenty of coughing from the congregation on the soundtrack but can't hear the couple exchanging vows. Go to any rehersals and go through the details with a fine tooth comb and make sure you get at least one shot of everyone. Will you need extra lights and are they allowed, weddings are mini productions in themselves.

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