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    Hello everyone, i am new to the forums and also new to recording digital media. Recently i have become interested in recording video game footage on PC but have come to problem. I read through a guide that was posted on this forum and followed it step by step but still am getting nothing. My problem is that i am getting no video on my PC. I have 2 component video inputs on my PC (Sony Vaio RA710 with nVidia GeForce5400 video card) I have VirtualDub and DivX both installed but still get no video at all. I have installed the nVidia Drivers and also get nothing. When i open Virtualdub all i get is a blank screen when i click the "Capture AVI" tab...i have no idea what im doing wrong please help me out

    Sorry for the long post

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    Are you trying to capture from a console plugged in to the PC?
    or from a game running on the PC itself?

    From your post I think your capturing from an external console, if so I think the issue is that VirtualDub is expecting to capture from a digital source through the firewire port on your computer, but you are connecting an analogue source through a composite video input.

    To capture from this analogue source you'll need another program, iuvcr (trial version from here: is a good option for doing this, it has a lot of options but there's probably a pre-set which will be ideal for you.

    You could also use the TV capture software on your Vaio if it has something like that.
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    Thank you for the reply ^_^.. but yea im trying to capture Playstation 2 footage onto my PC. I downloaded that program you said but i have no idea on how to use it...will i be using that with virtualdub? i played around with it for a while but got nothing but a blue screen. Perhaps i am still doing something wrong :(

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    iuvcr is just a stand-alone program for capturing video, it has better support for different sources than virtual dub. you're using it instead rather than aswell as virtual dub.
    There's a tutorial on capturing with iuvcr here:

    but if you've got a blue screen that might mean that there's a problem with the connection, might be worth double checking all the cables and stuff, maybe try the other composite input on your PC,

    Double check that you've selected the right capture source in iuvcr aswell, as you have two there's a chance that you're just pointing it at the wrong one.

    good luck.
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    Thank you for your help and that guide was a great help .....i figured i would go through all the steps again and i have come to find everything is in perfect working order but the WDM drivers. Both the nVidia WDM TVTuner and nVidia WDM Capture (universal) drivers keep coming up as errors with a (Code:10) message....i tried connecting my Playstation via RFU to my CPU and it did work, however, there is a delay of about 15-20 seconds (ouch) so thats not feasable. After reviewing everything this is the only possible error in the process i can come up with. Any suggestions?
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