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Thread: had no idea where to ask this question, i took the time to..

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    Default had no idea where to ask this question, i took the time to..

    get examples as well, two video effects the second is what im REALLY interested in learning how to do..and the first i would like to know as well...if anyone can help please please let me know lol, im desperate,

    this is a very cool effect..the guy's face behind the lady watch as her face is perfectly still not really moving but his is just moving all over the place i like it alooot

    <<URL Removed>>

    2nd. this is the one ive been wanting to learn how to's used in alot of different films that ive noticed alot lately (well in the past few years at least) its amazing..and probably easier than i know which isn't much im a newb to video im mainly into graphics and graphic design.

    watch the media player hi RES if possible and after it loads up go to approximate time 1:37 in the trailer and you'll see exactly what im talking about.

    thanks alot guys if you can help[/url]

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    Possibly I watched it at the wrong res or something but the 'effect' in the Gothika trailer must have gone staight over my head. What did I miss? What effect are we talking about here. Looked like someone walking very slowly towards a wall to me

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    yes that is the scene, try and watch at the highest d/l res possible (the one i posted) she is walking slowly but kind of skipping towards it (not like skip to the lou my darling lol) it was also used in house on haunted hill and the ring. the effect that is

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    i kow what you are talking about, I know nothing about video editing so I can't help you though sorry! Its almost like a cd skipping... hard to describe...


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    marc, please delete this thread..someone signed up the email address under the first site as spam and now the guy is getting return emails left and right about being a spammer and trying to send viruses THIS is ridiculous, whoever did it is an immature little basement dwelling retard. im sorry to get pissed but this is just stupid, thank you sir. and great site by the way.

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    I deleted the URL in the thread. With regards to the virus return emails - that happens about 100 times a day to me. Normally happens when people don't have AV software running and viruses harvest email addys on the users machine - then using them as spoof sender addresses.

    Deleting about 100 emails seems to be the norm for me at the mo.

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    thank you really appreciate it , now i just hope someone might be able to help with these effects haha. thanks again

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    this effect is achieved by frame cutting, experiment by removing 3-8 frames every so often from your footage to get the skip effect. Try combining it with speeding up/slowing down your clip.


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    damn thank you SO much, seriously appreciate it, would you happen to have a quick sample of something like that somewhere, you sound like you know your stuff..figured you might have your own stock piled away someplace in the e-world

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    As Tonga says, you just have to experiment a bit - it is Non-linear editing, so you don't loose anything by cutting up your video. You'll soon get the feel for it, but it's more art than science.

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